Family Is A Central Biblical Image For The Church And Meets One Of The Most Basic Longings Of The Human Heart; To Belong.


When God revealed Himself in Jesus Christ He used familial language to give people an understanding of what He is like and what it looks like to embrace right relationship with Him. Jesus and the apostles taught believers to relate to God and one another in relational family concepts. (Mt 12:50, Mk 10:29-30, Eph 3:14-15, 1Thess 2:11) In Genesis 1-2 mankind was created to live in relationship with God and one another. Since the beginning the Devil has sought to separate and isolate mankind relationally. The world system he controls, abuses and violates people’s souls leaving their lives characterized by fear, guilt and loneliness. Most people live in nominal relationships and essentially in separation. Few people experience genuine family belonging even in their biological homes. It is God’s desire to restore us to Himself and one another (Mal 4:6, Lk 19:10, Rom 8:15).

The church offers a healing embrace to satisfy the longing to belong which exists deep in the human heart (1 Pet 3:8, Rom 12:10-13).  Jesus ascended and left the church, the Body of Christ, that we should belong and relate to one another in a family context (1 Tim 1:2; 5:1-2, James 2:15). The Christian life is designed to be lived in community where we realize our adoption and embrace family as essential to living a full Kingdom life (Eph 1:5, 3:19).


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