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In The Swim offers affordable, high quality swimming pool safety covers for in-ground pools. We make buying a mesh safety cover, along with the Safety Cover Mate and hardware and tools, easy. Need a repair? In The Swim makes it easy and economical to have your pool safety cover repaired or replaced.

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Pool Safety Covers: Cost vs. Benefit

Pool Safety Covers are anchored into your inground pool deck for easy on/off placement. Dense mesh fabric allows water to safely drain through the cover, while leaves and debris stay dry - simply blow off the cover. They also look fantastic on the pool, and can last for 15 years or more! Best of all, a pool safety cover is safe for people, pets and animals to be around. Make a small investment in a safety pool cover and you will be repaid every year with huge savings in time, money and effort all winter long!

Stock Safety Covers

Stock pool safety covers are available for immediate shipment - they are in stock! We carry Rectangle pool sizes as well as Rectangle with Center End Step, Rectangle with Left Side Step and Rectangle with Right Side Step pool shape options. Safety covers for Rectangular Pools can be selected on the top of this page, just measure your pool's length and width, from inside edge to inside edge. Stock safety covers have a 15" overlap to accommodate a 3" variance in pool size, and will accommodate up to a 4' radius corner. Pools that are not rectangular in shape should not use a stock cover, as it will wear unevenly on the pool coping edge and voids the warranty. For non-rectangle inground pool shapes, see our Custom Safety Covers page.

Custom Safety Covers

Custom safety covers are made to follow the exact contours of your inground pool shape to ensure that the cover meets warranty and ASTM standards as a safety pool cover. Custom safety covers cost more than stock safety covers because they are engineered, cut and sewn to fit your pool, and only your pool. Ordering a custom cover is simple, just measure the pool with a long measuring tape, and a Safety Cover Measuring Form. A-B pool measurements allow a CAD system to triangulate the exact shape of your pool for a perfect fit. After measurements are received, your safety pool cover ships complete fast, ready to be installed. Get your free online Safety Cover Quick Estimate today!

Pool Safety Cover Installation

Installing a safety pool cover can be done by two people in 2 to 4 hours, depending on the cover size. You will need a rotary hammer drill with a 3/4" masonry bit - both can be rented at any rental shop for the day. Installing Safety Cover Anchors is simple, whether your deck is pavers, stone, wood or just plain concrete. For areas with no deck or loose stone decks, you can use cover stakes or the anchor in pipe method.

Lay the cover over the pool and let it float on the water, while you attach the cover springs to each strap. Stretch out the cover and center it over the pool, and start by installing the anchors for the cover corners. Snap a chalk line from corner to corner, and install the remaining anchors. Install the springs over the anchors with the installation rod and adjust for equal tension. See full Safety Cover Instruction Sheet.

Best Brands - Best Prices

In The Swim has long relationships with all the top Pool Safety Cover manufacturers, such as GLI, HPI, Loop-Loc and Meyco. We offer a huge selection of solid and mesh safety pool covers in several grades of fabric quality with warranty periods from 10 years to 30 years! To offer you the absolute lowest prices, we have partnered with only the largest and best USA based safety cover fabricators to bring you a wide range of options to meet your performance needs and your budget. Custom Safety Covers are also quoted with several cover grades to choose from.

AquaMaster Solid Safety Cover - 10 yr limited warranty
In The Swim Mesh Safety Cover - 12 yr limited warranty
Meyco Mesh Safety Pool Cover - 12 yr limited warranty
In The Swim Supreme Solid Safety Cover - 15 yr limited warranty
In The Swim Deluxe Mesh Safety Cover - 20 yr limited warranty
In The Swim Commercial Grade Mesh Cover - 30 yr limited warranty

Call our safety cover experts today at 1-800-288-7946 for any questions or concerns about purchasing or installing an In The Swim pool safety cover!