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More about Spa Cover Lifts

Large hot tub or spa covers can be difficult to lift and move around. Initially, hot tub covers weight about 20 or 30 pounds and after extended use they can become much heavier as they tend to absorb moisture from the spa. To circumvent this problem, many hot tub owners invest in spa or hot tub cover lifts. Hot tub cover lifts all function similarly although some spa cover lifts are mechanically operated while others are manually operated.

In addition to helping you remove the cover from your hot tub, spa cover lifts also protect the cover from damage. Generally, hot tub cover lifts hold the cover off the ground so it is not easily torn or scratched. Plus, when people do not use a spa cover lift, they tend to pull or drag off the spa cover and this can also cause damage.

At In the Swim, we carry a comprehensive selection of spa covers and easy spa cover lifts with great prices that will save you money over time.

Protect your hot tub from unwanted debris and contaminants with hot tub covers and protect your hot tub covers with spa cover lifts. You will be in and out of your spa easily and you will rest easy knowing that you are saving money on heating costs with our high quality spa cover lifts.