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Pool Pump Motor Replacements

When a pool motor beings to squeak and squeal, overheat, hum or just won't turn on - it may be near the end of useful life. The industry average is about 8 years for pump motors. When replacing a pool motor, replace with the correct frame type, horsepower and whether it is up-rated or full-rated motor, and replace the shaft seal when installing a new motor.

Pump Motor Frame Types

48 Frame: Thru-bolt motors with built-in pedestal used on spas and above ground pools. Fits Astra, Dynamo, Executive, Hi-Flo, JWPA, Pinnacle, PowerFlo, OptiFlo.

48Y Square Flange: 4-holes on a square frame, bolts to pump housing. Fits Anthony, Hayward Max-Flo II, StaRite MaxeGlas, DuraGlas, DynaGlas, Pentair UltraFlo.

56C Keyed Shaft: Round C-Flange motors with slotted shaft to fit old-style bronze pumps by American Products, Anthony, Baker-Hydro, Purex and Sta-Rite/Swimquip.

56J C-Flange: Round C-Flange motors with threaded shaft used on Hayward inground pumps, fits MaxFlo, Superpump and Super II, Jacuzzi Magnum and Jandy HP.

56Y Square Flange: 4-holes on a square frame, bolts to pump housing. Fits Pentair Challenger, MaxeGlas II, DuraGlas II, SuperFlo, SuperMax, WhisperFlo.

56Y is interchangeable with 48Y. Both frame types have identical bolt hole spacing, face and shaft. 56Y frame has a ½” larger barrel diameter than the slimmer 48Y, which includes a rubber spacer to adapt.

Installing a Pool Pump Motor

1. Shut off power at the breaker 
2. Remove the clamp band or the bolts to separate motor from pump; pull motor out of pump housing 
3. Remove motor end cap and disconnect ground wire and two power leads, and gently pull wires out of motor  
4. Loosen capacitor bracket to move it out of the way, and place a 1/2" wrench on the slotted end of the motor shaft 
5. Loosen the Impeller by hand or use large pliers to remove. If there is an impeller screw, these are reverse thread  
6. Remove seal plate from the old motor by removing the locknuts, and tapping or prying gently if needed 
7. Remove conduit elbow from old motor and thread onto new, run power wires thru elbow and connect to new motor 
8. Replace motor seal plate onto new motor, installing new shaft seal in the same orientation as on the old motor 
9. Spin impeller CCW onto threaded motor shaft until snug, replace wear ring and diffuser over the impeller 
10. Replace motor end cap and test motor power briefly for 1-2 seconds, before sliding motor back into the pump housing 
11. Lubricate seal plate o-ring, and tighten seal plate clamp band or bolts securely 
12. Fill pump strainer with water, lubricate pump lid o-ring and tighten lid securely

What Shaft Seal Do I Need?

The mechanical shaft seal prevents leaking along the motor shaft. It is recommended to replace the shaft seal along with a pool pump motor replacement. Find your pump shaft seal below. Don't see your pump listed? See our complete list of pump seals here: Pump Seal Cross Reference

100 Seal

Fits Pumps: Purex L-Series; Sta-Rite AJ, Dura-Glas/Max-E-Glas, PLBC
Replaces OEM #: P28280, U109-93SS

200 Seal

Fits Pumps: AquaFlo CM, Dominator, FMHP; Jacuzzi Cygnet and J, K, L models; PacFab Challenger, Dynamo, Pinnacle; StaRite Dura-Glas/Max-E-Glas
Replaces OEM #: 92500150, 10000206R, 10143600R, 35-4545, 17304-0100S

201 Seal

Fits Pumps: Americana; Hayward MaxFlo, Superpump, Super II; Jacuzzi Magnum; Jandy Stealth; StaRite Dura-Glas II/Max-E-Glas II, Dyna-Glas, JWPA
Replaces OEM #: 395005, SPX1600Z2, 10150209R, R0445500, 35-4001, 071728, U109-372SS, U109-358SS, 37400-0027S

1000 Seal

Fits Pumps: American Eagle, Maxim, Power-Glas, Ultra-Flo; AquaFlo A, B, C, D models; Polaris PB4; Pentair IntelliFlo, Whisperflo; Waterway Champion, Hi-Flo, Supreme
Replaces OEM #: 397012, 397020, 92500050, P-55, 31-813, 071734, U109-36SS, U109-220, 319-3100B

2131 Seal

Fits Pumps: AquaFlo FloMaster, TubMaster; Hayward Power Flo, PowerFlo LX, PowerFlo Matrix, TurboFlo
Replaces OEM #: 91049000, SPX1500KA