Behold: Creative Arts Ministry

Behold: to stop what you are doing and take notice of God.


The purpose of our creative arts ministry is to cultivate moments where the glory of God is released in order to provide opportunities for encounters and revelations.  Creating is imitating God, a natural thing for us to do as image bearers of the Creator of everything.

Our mission is to foster a community through worship, teaching, and outreach.  We are called to release the Kingdom of God through creative expression.  These creative expressions carry the presence and power of God in a tangible way to all who behold them.  We believe that it is glorifying to God to worship Him and to ask Him for inspiration, ideas, and words of knowledge and wisdom.  Our vision includes painting, drawing, music, songwriting, dance, writing, drama, photography, videography, spoken word, and stage design.

We offer classes on hearing God and expressing through art as well as art skills.  Workshops are periodically available at church, at the local library, and during outreach events.

On the first Friday of every month, we offer worship through music, prayer, dance, and art at Night Watch, which is open to all to come any time between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am Saturday morning.


We are currently seeking new team members!!

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