Student Ministries

Meet Jesus, Follow Him, and Join His Mission

Meet Jesus: to expose the disinterested student to Christ and to our ministry in a positive way.
Follow Him: to help the believer grow in their relationship with Christ.
Join His Mission of Making Disciples: to help the committed than develop his/her own ministry of peer evangelism and discipleship.

Today’s postmodern students are seeking depth.  They are probing Christianity and other faiths checking to see which faith demands and delivers spiritual depth.  It is our aim to present Jesus, the Bible, and the Christian faith in such way that this generation encounters depth-Deeper understanding of the Word of God, a deeper revelation of who Jesus is, and a deeper relationship with each other. Deep cries out to Deep!  Our design is to cultivate a culture that develops the identity of kings & queens for God’s kingdom, to call up the prophetic destiny of each teen and to destroy the work of the enemy that has a hold on this generation. Encountering the Living God in all aspects of our lives.

Youth Group

Every Wednesday the youth groups meet from 7:00-8:30 pm at MCC.  Here we teach youth to encounter God through worship, ministry time, interaction with God’s Word, and spending time in community.  Outreaches and events occur regularly.  We seek to grow and influence our county, country, and world and believe that nothing is impossible for our youth.


After School Program

Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 pm kids in junior and senior high can find help with homework, snacks, and games, as well as a program called, “Life Hurts…God Heals.”  This program is offered to deal with life hurts in a constructive, healthy manner.  It’s about spiritual growth and helping students identify a process that will help them deal with life’s hurts.

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