Pool Closing Tips

Pool Closing Tips

Pool Closing Tips

Closing your pool properly saves time and money. As I can tell that you are interested in both, let’s get right down to it.


  • Clean the pool deck to prevent wind-blown debris
  • Run the pool filter pump 24/7 for a few days before closing
  • Spotlessly skim, vacuum and brush, before lowering the water
  • Skim the pool again before covering the pool


  • Test and balance the water, then shock the pool, 3-5 days before closing
  • Add winter algaecide and stain & scale after lowering water level
  • Use Enzymes and Chlorine Floaters for mesh covered pools
  • Don’t add chlorine shock at the same time as stain or algaecide chemicals
  • Don’t add chlorine shock and then cover the pool immediately


  • Backwash filter and use a Pool Filter Cleaner to remove scale and oils
  • Remove drain plugs on pumps, filter, heater and chlorinators
  • Lubricate o-rings on pump lid, slide valves, air relief, drain plugs
  • Protect the skimmer with a Skimmer Guard or Skimmer Plug
  • Pool cleaners - store carefully, lay the hose or cable flat in large coils
  • Solar blankets - use a Reel Cover, or store the solar cover indoors


  • Lower water 4” below skimmer for solid covers or 12” for mesh safety covers
  • Use a Cyclone Blower to blow-out skimmers, drains, returns and water features
  • Use winter pool plugs in good condition, to seal up wall returns and skimmers
  • Close off a Jandy-type valve on the main drain, after blowing out water
  • Add non-toxic Pool Antifreeze for added protection against freeze damage


  • Lay out the cover on the side of the pool with the most room to maneuver
  • Weigh down one end, or attach springs on one side, and pull cover across pool
  • Aboveground pools should use Air Pillows and either wall clips, seal or bags
  • Seal up any gaps around the cover edge where leaves can enter the pool
  • Safety cover springs - hook half to anchors by hand, use the tool for other half
  • Inground Solid cover water bags - lay end to end, doubled in tight areas
  • Solid covers with heavy nearby trees – save time with a Leaf Catcher

Every pool is different, and as such, every pool closing is slightly different, but the 4-step process is the same with all pools – you could call it the 4-C’s of pool winterization - Clean, Close, Chemical and Cover:

CLEAN: Skim, vacuum, brush. Over-chlorinate and over-filter the pool water in days prior to closing.

CLOSE: Store the removable items, clean and lube the pump and filter, blow and plug the lines.

CHEMICAL: Balance the water, shock the pool, add other chemicals after water is lower.

COVER: Tightly secure the pool cover quickly over the pool (before it gets dirty again).

The first time you winterize your own pool it may take 3-4 hours, but after some practice, you’ll cut that time in half. If you have any questions on how to winterize your particular pool, give us a call – we’re happy to help you with any pool winterization questions.

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