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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Above Ground Salt Chlorine Generators

In The Swim's Dr. Pool

Above Ground Salt Water Systems Remove Chlorine Guesswork

In The Swim carries many of the best above ground salt chlorinators on the market from brands like Intex. Aboveground salt chlorinators take the guess work out of pool maintenance with the touch of the button to accurately maintain your desired level of chlorine automatically, and make overall pool chemical management easier.

Make Your Own Pool Chlorine!

In The Swim carries the best saltwater pool systems to fit any above ground pool. The In The Swim Salt Chlorinator System for 25K and 40K pool sizes fits larger above ground pools, for a high-output, long-life salt system for any size above ground pool. We also offer Intex salt and sand filters, and the Intex Deluxe Salt System.

Benefits of Above Ground Saltwater Systems

  • No more need to buy, store and handle chlorine tablets
  • Continuous break-point chlorination eliminates chloramines
  • Pool water feels soft and silky, with no red-eye, and less chlorine odor
  • Reduced chemical management, less fussing with chlorine levels
  • After sanitizing, pool chlorine reverts back to salt, and the process begins anew

Installing an Above Ground Salt Chlorinator:

Most above ground saltwater systems include a control panel, a salt cell and a sensor to monitor flow rate, salt level and water temperature. Mount the control panel on the wall near an electrical outlet for 115V power supply. Plumb the salt cell and the flow sensor into the return line after the filter, horizontally or vertically. Connect the cable from the sensor to the control panel and the power cable to the outlet. Add your Pool Salt and you are ready to make your own chlorine!

How Much Salt is Added to a Saltwater Pool?

Probably more than you think, yet saltwater pools are over 10x less salty than the ocean. At an average salinity level of 3000 ppm, you won't taste the salt, or feel it on your hair and skin. In fact, your water will feel softer than ever from the addition of the salt. To raise pool salt levels to 3000 ppm, it takes approximately 25 lbs of Pool Salt per 1,000 gallons, or about 250 lbs of salt for a 10,000 gallon pool. Fortunately, Pool Salt is inexpensive, and can be purchased locally - and it never evaporates. Only a small booster treatment is needed each year, to replace salt lost to backwashing or lowered winter water level.

If you have any questions regarding any of our above ground salt chlorine generators or any of our pool supplies our expert pool customer service agents are available to answer your questions 24/7. Give us a call at 1-800-288-7946 to speak to someone about converting your above ground pool to salt water!