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Pool Coolers and Heat-Cool Heat Pumps

For pools in extremely hot regions, pool water can become the temperature of bathwater during summer. Pool cooling systems chill your pool to the your exact preferred temperature. It is easy with swimming pool chillers and Heat/Cool found at In the Swim - the solution to hot pool water. Swimming pool coolers pull heat out of your water and release it to the outside air. Pool heat pumps operate in a reverse fashion, pulling heat out of the air, and putting it into your pool water. Pool Heat-Cool Heaters do both, and can switch from pool heating to pool cooling on demand.

In The Swim offers pool water coolers for pools that don't need added heat, and we also offer heat/cool heat pumps that will heat during cooler months and chill during hotter months.

In The Swim pool chillers and heat-cool heat pumps feature titanium heat exchangers, smart controls, and digital thermostats for accurate water temperature maintenance, all year around. Heat-cool pumps and pool chillers are energy efficient, maintain high performance regardless of high levels of humidity and heat, and do not rely on evaporation, like other types of swimming pool coolers. Above ground pool chillers operate in the 50K-70K BTU range, and our in-ground pool chillers and heat-cool pumps offer up to 140K BTU output for pools over 40,000 gallons.

If you have any questions regarding the pool chillers or combination pool heater / pool coolers from In The Swim, or have any questions about cooling the pool reliably, please contact our friendly expert-staff via phone or email today!